Januarey 2013:.

The breeding season  is now open. To reseve birds for 2013 or eggs please email me (address at the bottom) or telephone 01328700957.

  • Gold Pencil Brahma ,  Silver (Dark) Pencil Brahma
  •   Black Brahmas, White, Red Pyle, Lemon Pyle,
  • Lavender Brahma   Blue Brahmas, Blue Partridge, Blue Columbian, Blue/Buff Columbian, Buff Columbian, Birchin
  •  To find out what birds are avalible please ring 01328700957

  All birds to be collected in person, Hatching eggs can be sent in poly boxes through the post.


15 responses to “Chickens

  1. Hello,
    I happen to notice that in your list above,that you have
    two Red Pyle Brahma boys for sale.If you still have them
    and are wanting to sell,could you please tell me your
    location so that I am able to see if I can travel the distance

  2. Danielle Desbrow

    i called you yesterday about a POL brahma hen that I would like. I called Oakwood Brahmas but they said they wouldn’t have any available for a long time. Is there any chance of going on your waiting list for one? Do you think she would get on okay with my 6 ex bats?
    many thanks

  3. Hi, it’s me, Kizzypug from Twitter !! I can no longer resist !! have you any Brahama hatching eggs available ?? Which colours ?? How much ?? If you have I’ll get the incubator set up, DH has been playing round with it already this year and hatched some Lavendar Araucanas, so I know it’s working. Look forward to hearing from you xx

  4. do you have any silver dark pencil barhama hens only,i require 2.

  5. Hi Nadine
    Thanks ever so much for putting me on to Tedfold Farm. I’ve just spoken to them and funnily enough their chickens were the ones that I saw at a show at the weekend that got me interested in L.P. brahamas!! She is checking how many she has got and since she drives past my house on her way to work she is going to drop them off tomorrow morning. So hopefully I will soon have some eggs for Bobbin to sit on!
    Many thanks again, and I will keep you updated.
    Jessie xx

  6. Thank you for your comment, I dont have any Turkeys eggs very sorry. You would need to go to someone who breeds them.

  7. hello Please, canyou sen in TURKEY ?
    Mail costs air mail post =? thenks ( brahma hatchıng eggs )

  8. hi there, we are looking to increase our flock of lemon pyle brahmas and wondered if you have any eggs ready for incubation.
    Also I saw from your gallery some mille fleur barbus. I have been searching for a cockerel for my girls for some time. Can you help?
    I am near Beeston in Norfolk

  9. Dear Sir, I am looking for a gold partridge brahma and any other brahma pulletts that you may have. Do you have any available at the moment, what colours and how many weeks are they? When could I collect them? Thank you for your time, carolyn scott.

  10. Hi do you have any lavender or Isabella brahma hatching eggs for sale please? if so, how much are they? Many thanks

  11. Birgit Denecke

    Hello, good day from north Germany. I am looking for Brutegg/ chick of Brahma chickens for further breeds here in Germany. What colors do you breed … ??? Red pyle. ..Lemon Pyle. ..Gold stoked. Silvered? ?? Please write me from which coloring of her Brahma chickens I can order how much brute … at what price and from when I can get Brutegg. As shown in the picture. Many thanks from Gross Schwülper. ..Lower Saxony. ..North Germany! !! Birgit Denecke. P.s. Please excuse me my bad english. ..the “Google translator” makes certain mistakes! As shown in Fig.

    • Hello, I’m not breeding birds any more for sale. You will see from my last posting in 2013 that I had to take a step back due to ill health. Your English was fine, better than my German.
      Sorry I cannot help you.


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