Good news and Changing Seasons

Good news I’m improving, I have had my Bi-op and they confirmed 100% I have Chronic sarcoidosis, no cancer cells were found. We are so happy with this news. I am on some really good meds long-term which will help control my condition, with regular hospital appointments and under the watchful eye of my consultant it can only get better. Each day I get stronger and will be back to my old self in no time.

2013-04-08 12.55.02

The garden looks really funny without our feathered friends, we miss the noise. miss them walking around and jumping out on us as we try to get things done in the garden. We have kept about 25 which is a few more than we wanted but Hubbs will look after them, as we cannot have loads of birds we are concentrating on Blue Colombians and Blue Buff Columbian and Lights and Blacks,quality not quantity. Hubbs has been rebuilding the pens, painting them really bright blue and fox proofing them.

Moving day 012

We have also kept our Guinea Fowl, their eggs had been a gift from my Mum. We had a great time watching them hatch and grow they are old friends – in the end we could not part with them.

We had a great time with our youngest daughter and friends who came to stay and help us get set up for the winter, it was all hands to the paint brush/ axe / hammer/ tools so we could get as much done as possible before the bad weather sets in. They all worked really hard. Xenia, Maddie and Tammie did a great job on our doors and Drew, Naomi and Frank chopped up loads of wood. We chilled out with a Paella and a few beers in the evening, Hubbs and I retired leaving everyone else sat around the fire pit, a great day. Sunday we followed the same plan, sitting down to a traditional Roast Beef Sunday Lunch after the work was done, it was amazing, enjoyed by everyone including our dogs who only just got a look in on the three rib bones.

2013-01-13 13.42.07

Hubs has  also be spraying and powdering, like everyone else we have had red mite but thanks to Ficam – W which is the best product I have found to get rid of these horrid wee beasties we have it under control. Hubbs don’s his overalls, boots gloves and mask (HASCHEM KIT) as it’s not very nice if it comes into contact with you. But like all things common sence and safety are key and a good spray gun. The spray helps get into all the nooks and cranny any where a mite will hide, they cannot run away. We also front line the birds a tiny drop on each leg and Diatom them. Sounds a bit over kill but it works.2013-08-02 08.13.38

2 responses to “Good news and Changing Seasons

  1. lovely to hear your slowly on the mean Nadine and lovely post

  2. What lovely pictures, I really enjoyed this post.

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