Out of the Darkness into a New year

I’m a bit late with my January post it was on my list which just got bigger and bigger, I’m not going to tell you about the snow or the rain or the wind and hail.

15 jan 2013 020

I’m going to tell you about my wonderful birds, they make me happy and who would not smile when you see one of my girls running across the lawn with a smile on her beak looking so happy to see me. They coped really well with all the bad weather, we did lose a few which is always sad, but we did really well. They are looking good and getting ready for the new breeding season. The boys are doing their break dancing and hoping around the girls who are not interested at all. With their beaks in the air they carry on scratching the ground as if nothing or no one is bothering them. That will change in the next few weeks as they all come into lay and want to hear the sound of cheep cheep as one then another becomes a mother. I have eggs in the incubator to test fertility fingers crossed for the end of the month.15 jan 2013 003

I’m having a move around, my black Pekin and my Brown Pekin are going to have the run of the garden and my blues are going into a small ark to encourage them to mate and hopefully give us a few more blues. The Brahmans are also moving around as we have a few more colours Birchin and Blue Columbian. So a few extra pens are needed and a few repairs on the old ones.

chocolate pekin boy 003This is out chocolate boy Thornton he has four cute wives and is a really lovely little chap. He always makes sure his girls get the best tidbits and shows them where to dig for nice fat worms. Last year he went on an adventure, he flew over our back fence across the dyke and into the field. Hubs locked up for the night and did not notice he was gone. The girls came running out the next day looking for him here and there no Thornton. I was very upset he was nowhere to be found. four days later we had a call from the other end of our village, had we lost a boy – yes I said and off I went to collect him. He had a very good time visiting two farms and several of our neighbours eating scraps and bits of bread that had been put out for the wild birds. How he never got eaten by our local fox I shall never know and I’m so happy he is back.

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