Sharing the Love

The snow came – oh no – then it was gone, its cold and wet and very slippery so on with hat coat and welly boots (what a picture) . Coco my little helper (cocker spaniel) We do the rounds together, opening and checking the pens. I love opening up the boys and girls they are always so happy to see me and Coco as she shoves her cold nose in the coop has a snpippies and Monsoon dress 092iff puffs out her cheeks looks each bird over and on to the next pen she is so funny to watch but does a really good job of letting me know if we have a problem – such as when a bird has stayed inside and could be off colour or if one has not gone in at night. Shes a good girl and self-appointed chicken warden. (here she is have a well earned rest).

I was very pleased I got out there yesterday and put extra bedding in all my coops, they were all snug and cozy last night. I made sure all the wild bird feeders were topped up and gave them fresh water this morning with handfuls of meal worms. I’m spoiling everyone and getting in the mood for Christmas.



Its mini budget day here in the UK all doom and gloom,  that won’t stop us from having a great time this christmas. We have family coming over and they are going to stay for a few days – it will be out with the game boards and dvd’s so looking forward to it. I have just finished all my christmas shopping, orders placed with the butcher, the baker and chicken food maker. We will dress the tree this coming weekend,put some lights around the garden and spend time wrapping gifts for loved ones and friends with a nice glass or two of mulled wine to help us on our way.

I think of times gone by. What lovely times they were, the delight on my daughters faces making snowmen with cotton wool  – and the cardboard from toilet rolls, I think more glue went on to small fingers and faces, hair than on the  black card we had cut to make the eyes and coal. The joy of writing their list to Father Christmas and my hubbs and I hiding it all away out of sight so as not to spoil the surprise, I loved going to their school to watch them in their Christmas plays, some times singing some times acting a part that they haChristmas 2010 002d spent so much time learning they were both so good and I enjoyed every minute. The night before Christmas was so special getting them ready for bed in their new pyjamas,making sure they had their empty pillow cases to put on the end of the bed so Father Christmas would leave them some gifts and of course  they always left a bucket of water for the reindeer and tot of whiskey to help Father Christmas keep warm its cold out there in the night sky. Happy memory’s filled with love, laughter and joy. There all grown up now, I still do stockings we still have fun – but I miss their little girl chatter the “oo” and “aahs” and russel of paper. I don’t miss the wake up call at 3am to see if he has been “He being Father Christmas”. Life is different now  and we have had lots of changes, some good , some not so. In the course of a life time you meet so many people, some pass through quite a few have stayed forever, I’m lucky I have a wonderful family, good friends old and new and I’m going to spend Christmas with them all. I’m also going to make sure my chickens have a christmas feast and that my bird tables have lots of lovely treats for the wild birds. I’m sharing the love around.

Happy Christmas all, Peace – Love – and Good Will To All Men

have a good one what ever you do xxx



3 responses to “Sharing the Love

  1. you to Nadine have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year along with all your chickens and wild birds in your patch and a hug and a kiss to the dogs from my 3 Chocolate, Bess , Hattie

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