Thank you Rcom

Over the past few years we have purchased  three Rcom incubators,

I like the style, they’re very nice to look at – easy to use – and great for what they’re made to do hatch eggs. We have had very good results. Then things started to go wrong. We lost so many eggs because the temperature went wrong then the humidity . I was so fed up I decided to write to their head office in Korea, to let them know of my disappointment.

I was pleasantly surprised that Rcom came through for me, they have  brilliant customer service and could not have been more helpful. They sent me a new Rcom 20 and replacement parts for my old one. I have a two-year warranty and I can start hatching right away.

I want to say a big thank you to Rcom Korea and Jerry Jang Rcom overseas manager and his team. For making my customer service experience a great one, for sending me a replacement Rcom20 still the best looking incubator on the market. I rate this company 10/10 for service.

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