Pekins Pekins and more Pekins

Yesterday had a call from my friend Mandi very upset, there was a lady who had  some time in the past  got herself a few Pekins,  then as you do, she had let them hatch out a few chicks. This went on until she had so many they were out of control, they lived in mud and were caked in it up to their pretty little combs.

She really was not looking after them. I could go on about how irresponsible she was, or about the suffering caused to these small birds but I’m not going to. Mandi and I put our pennies together and bought the lot.

Yesterday Mandi picked our sorry little band up. My oh my what a mess. We spent from 10am this morning  until 3.30 pm washing, cutting mudballs off their feet, de-liceing them, trimming toe nails. They are now all cosy in my kitchen with plenty of food and water. I have never seen chickens eat as if they had never eaten before, sad little girls and boys.

Now they are clean and dry and looking pretty fine, they’ll need lots of tender love and care.  So if you’re looking for some nice little Pekins we have some lovely little trios and duos and a few odd boys, by that I mean they don’t have a wife.

Trios: , Black Trio, Buff split Chocolate Trio,


Boys: Frizzle,  Millefleur, Salmon,Cuckoos

Contact me if you want to come and have a look: 01328 700 957.

2 responses to “Pekins Pekins and more Pekins

  1. what a good freind you are to your freind Mandi
    they all look lovely i see if i can twits Davids hands
    after some girls for blue my male silkes

  2. im picking up a baby boy later yhis week ,experienced pekin owner looking for 2 ladies to enjoy free range garden in fakenham

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