Buzz Buzz Busy Busy Busy

March was so lovely, I was sorry to see her go. The weather was warm so we turned off the central heating, threw open the windows to let in the fresh air.

Then April arrived, reports of snow up north and wet and windy here –  in fact April is April,  just what we would expect. Brrrrrrrrr! quick fill up the log basket…

Hubs and I have been so busy, number 2 daughter moved into a very nice bijou flat in Brighton –  you can see the sea from her window. There was so much to do packing up all her stuff at the old flat, storing it in one of our barns until she found somewhere else – then moving it all back down when she found the new place. Needless to say we were exhausted. But it went well and after the ups and downs of the previous weeks it was a relief to have her settled in. Number 2 is still on crutches (she broke her Tib/Fib in five places last October) six months in and still healing very slowly.  So she is back in plaster and will remain so for some time. Number 2 is my golden girl well she has red hair, a delight to be with, she has the most wonderful smile and sense of humour, a truly beautiful person (there speaks a very biased mother, clucking like one of my old hens). She is kind and caring. But this break has taken its toll and worn her out. She has really lovely friends, who have been there for her  (good friends) –  the team she works with at Man Bites Dog have also been great – such nice people.Thank you all.

So I’ve crossed everything and sending love and good vibes her way. If you see a puddle on the floor it was not me it was one of the puppies honest.

Easter weekend time for a rest and a trip to Swindon – yes Swindon to pick up a new little Brahma family to go with our other boys and girls. We did the usual thing on long trips discussed the state of the world, sung songs and finally we were there. Being greeted by four lovely ladies  Cath her daughter Amy and her friends & work mates Lara and Natalie. What wonderful women they are, all mucking in to run a farm at a special school. The perfect job I think – animals and children.

We were delighted to meet donkeys , alpacas, pigs and ponies, lots of other chickens. An aviary full of gorgeous birds. We could see there was lots to do and how the children are encouraged to be hands on and really get involved. This could be looking after the animals or growing veg to help feed this little Ark.

And that how we came to get three Buff Columbians, one Dark girl and a Guinea Fowl who answers to the name of Gizmo. They went into a cage in the back of my car . They were so good on the ride home – four hours later back in Norfolk we put them to bed for the night. We made one small change that was to the name of the cockerel – he was known as Spartan, his new name is Bruno so hoping it will give him a personality makeover and he will be more gentle and cuddly like Frank Bruno.

His wives are called Lilly and Smuf and the Dark girl is Sophie.  I think he and his family will fit in well.

One response to “Buzz Buzz Busy Busy Busy

  1. hoping your daughter is better soon and your new boy and girl settle in ok
    blue tits nesting in one of our boxes with out a cam in so can only watch them go in and out on rover one

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