More of a Fizzzzzzzzzel than Wizzzzzzzzzzzzz Bang

I loved fire work night when I was a child, my parents always took us to an organised display, put on by our local scout group. It was brilliant a breath-taking spectacular that I will always remember.

My own children have enjoyed organised displays at friends houses. Then we got Jazz our Bearded Collie, Oh my how she suffered every Wizz and Bang were a shock to her system she would shake and try to find some where to get away from the noise. The only way to calm her down was to take her to bed where she would hide under the duvet. As time went by we stopped going and stayed with Jazz, her need was greater. Jazz passed away and time passed.

I would see signs advertise local events, we prefered to stay home. This year I locked up the chickens, made sure all the dogs and cats were  inside settled down to a night in front of the T.V not a single fire work was heard. But I did think of my beautiful Jazz.

Once the weather turned I slowed down, the clocks went back so did I right to my bed. In fact I did not want to get out of bed to go out in the cold and see to my girls. This is so unlike me. I was going down with another chest infection. To top it all I got a phone call to say my youngest girl had broken her leg. I was so upset, I lost my voice. Hubbs has been wonderful taking care of every thing. After three weeks I’m back on my feet and getting into the swing of things. My daughter will take longer to repair this was one break Mum could not kiss and make better.

All the birds are settled in for the winter, some are still moulting which is a slight concern, hopefully they will hurry up and get their new feathers to keep them cosy and warm.

One response to “More of a Fizzzzzzzzzel than Wizzzzzzzzzzzzz Bang

  1. Yet a nother good read sorry to hear you been unwell and hope your duaghter leg gets better soon and thank you for all your friendship and advice over the year we still awaiting to hear if David will be in Hospital for Chritmas with his kidney stone awake all night last night with it

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