Light Brahmas from Lewes

On bank holiday Sunday we got some new Light Brahmas from Lewes in Sussex. They are a lovely bunch and I’m just getting to know them and work out names. The obvious name for the young cockerel is Lewis (Lewes?) and the girls… well, they’ll probably be named Sunday (the day we got them),  Mel (after the girl I bought them from), and Priscilla (the name of another Brahma breeder friend). So far they have settled in very nicely and they’ve made the coop their own. I will be breeding from them in early Spring so register your interest now!

On Friday we got some new Pekins in a range of colours: lavender, black, buff, mottled and mill fleur. They are all very sweet and a bit shy. I hand feed them once a day, so they will quickly become very tame. Eventually they’ll get bigger and move in with the boys – so far the names are Buttons (buff) Captain Jack (Black) Prince (lavender) Bubbles (Mill fleur) Hugo (Black mottled) and they are all awaiting new wives so if you have an ideas for names, send them through.

There are two small young males Brahmas who follow me around. I have named them Stan and Olly. You’ll never see one without the other. All they need are Bowler hats and Umbrellas to complete the picture. It’s nice to watch them as they are very kind to one another and share any treats they get. They sleep very close, one putting his head across the wings of the other. True Brotherly love, so nice.

Our Blue Buff Columbia girls are growing very nicely and will be ready for breeding next March. They are really pretty girls – a good shape, a nice size and already they flirt with all the boys (then run away). They have a blue-grey collar, wing tip and end of tail (instead of black which you would find on the normal Buff Columbian).

I have also bred some very light off-white Brahmas. They have a hint of blue in their feathers. The marking is the same as a Dark where you would have the black and silver lace. They are still very young so it will be interesting to see how they develop. They look very pretty now.

3 responses to “Light Brahmas from Lewes

  1. lovely read
    must sort out second hut then can have some of my own again

  2. more and more i read good things about Brahmas and really want some of my own.
    Great post.

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