Sunshine and showers

Well, that early Summer didn’t last long, did it? After a few weeks of glorious sunshine it’s been rain, rain, rain. Still, the gardens and greenspaces of the UK were crying for it, so I should be happy.

During one of the passing dry spells, I got some nice pictures of our girls and boys yesterday. You can see our young  Gold Brahma cockerels scratching around under the rose bushes looking for some tasty treats. They’re looking for worms and bugs. They clearly love the feel of the soft earth under their claws and if they could smile in delight, I’m sure they would. As it stands, they make a happy rumble noise to one another or a “brrrrr” calling to one another. It’s as if they’re saying, “(Brrrr!) Come see what I’ve got!”, “(Brrrr! Brrrr!) No, you come over here! Mine is better.” This can go on for hours.

This young man caught sight of himself in the lens of my camera and “Tap Tap” went his beak on the camera. At first I thought he might be scared of the bird i the reflection, but he just started preening himself – Indeed! “Who’s that fine-looking fellow“. Boys, huh?

Here is Penny a fine young Red Pyle Brahma maid. She was hatched out in March this year. She is very pretty and has a wonderful nature. I wonder what she has spotted in this picture? She looks very determined.

Here’s our Black Lace Wyandotte Cockerel strutting around and doing his best to impress the ladies. Next to him is a Red Pyle Brahma grower and a Black Brahma Cockerel. They’re all just hanging around, waiting to dive in when someone else finds something good to eat. Life is an ongoing dinner party if you’re a chicken.

Here’s a nice picture of Sammy trying to steal our red cabbage. They weigh around 2 kilo each, so he’s not going anywhere fast. He likes to walk me round the garden to do an inspection. We stop at every pen and he shuffles up to the gate cast his beady eye over the pen and the chickens and then we move on. I’ve never had a chicken behave quite like this before – almost like a little dog – so I feel I have to give him a “scooby snack” at the end to treat him. It’s three grapes when we finish the circuit. If I only give him one or two he waits until the third arrives. I have tried to trick him but he knows it’s in my pocket and looks at me as if to say, “come on,  play the game”.

Ruby, Red Pyle Brahma Hen and July, Blue Partridge Hen having a wander around the Araucana Ark. They were also picking the last berries of the fruit bushes. Eco (their Cockerel) stayed in the pen enjoying some alone time while the girls did their thing. He tidied his feathers  had a dust bath and probably went to the gym. A good day was had by all.

2 responses to “Sunshine and showers

  1. Hello I loved reading about your brahma family. I wonder if you have any blue or blue splash to sell at the moment.
    Many thanks Amanda

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