Open gardens and the photo shoot

Mileham open gardens was a total success! Lots of lovely people came from far and near. It was so nice to talk to all the different people about my garden and chickens and to hear about their interests.

Our special ingredients for the day:  No rain, lots of sunshine and 15 beautiful gardens open to the public.

Our chickens also had their photo shoot with LionWorks that Sunday. We picked a great day for it, our chickens really were cat walk queens – Naomi, Kate and Claudia could not have done better. The star of the show was Benny; He loved all the fuss and attention. Our little Pekin and French Wheaten Maran chicks look so cute and lovely. As before Lion Works Studios did a great job. Olly is as good with chickens as he is with people and got my girls and boys to strut their stuff – they really did show off for the camera. Looking forward to seeing the proofs very shortly.

Yesterday (Thursday), we went to the Royal Norfolk show. It’s a great family day out with something to do for everyone. We walked around the craft stalls and had a look at the owls such lovely birds. Then it was on to the poultry show and to see the rabbits. Princess Anne was in the same tent looking at the rabbits and chatting with locals. She looked like she was having a good time.

We were there for about five hours, then it was time for home. All I wanted was a cup of tea and to put my feet up after five hours of fun.


Have a look around our garden by clicking on the link:


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