Mileham Open Gardens

This weekend we’re opening our gardens to the public. All of this week I have had my fingers crossed as a lucky charm against any rain. The garden is ready – though not at it’s best, but still, it’s looking nice. I have clipped, pruned, trimmed and mowed the grass to within an inch of it’s life (with the help of Darrell our trusty gardener and Hubbs who has also burned or taken to the dump all of our rubbish). He also painted the outside loo which is now fit for the Queen herself if she should choose to pop in.

Lots of roses are out, as are bedding plants with delicious heady smells as  you walk past, and then there’s climbing rose and clematis. The grape-vine is climbing up and up the front of the house (it’s really had a boom of growth this year), it’s tiny grapes still delicate little gems.

The chickens have all been washed and brushed. Their pens have also been given the once over. Everything is gleaming. The dogs are in their room as it’s all too exciting for them just now.

We are ready…

We are waiting…

Welcome! Please step this way?

4 responses to “Mileham Open Gardens

  1. Hope it all goes well for you – love the garden!

  2. Love your garden, house, chickens and eggs and love you xx

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