Last Sunday I took out Jessica’s stitches and had a really good look at the wound, it looked as if it was scabbing nicely, but there was a red-hot spot with some rather nasty  yellow stuff. So I picked off some of the scab to release it and there was a whole lot more going on inside.

There was a lot of neurotic tissue, no bad smell. She was happy, comb nice colour, eating well.

After long discussion with hubs we decide. I should take a chance and remove all the nasty stuff. If it stayed where it was it would kill her in the end. Very carefully I washed out the wound and removed all of the nasty stuff, it was horrid. But over very quickly. Then sprayed the wound redressed it and left it.

Yesterday (Saturday) we got her out of her cage. Took off the old dressing and with fingers crossed cleaned the wound. Joy of joy it was very much on the mend, no more nasty, just a lovely scab with a few new feathers pushing through. It won’t be long now and Jessica will be back with Elvis, She has been wearing her coat for over a week this will not only protect her from future wounds, but protect the scar this wound will leave her with.

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