Roll out the Barrow

This past week has been glorious, I’ve spent much of my time out in the garden weeding , planting and watering. Thanks to Hubs I have giant rain water tanks filled to the brim and can use this to water my veg.

We had four Faverolle chicks hatch out, two yesterday and two today. They are so cute and lovely. If we had more space I would increase my pens and get them in other colours. Like Brahmas they are very laid back and friendly, excellent layers who go right through the winter so you’re never short of an egg or two. Speaking of eggs, at this time of year we have so many, we have regular customers but still have many over. My clever Hubs made a lovely barrow for me to sell eggs from, its bright blue with a cool box attached so the eggs don’t get too hot. We have had so many customers, I’m thrilled to bits.

Remember in this hot weather you need to make sure your Chickens have plenty of cold water and don’t over heat. I have used an old sun umbrella to shade their coops –  it works really well, they can lay there having a dust bath or just catching a breeze.

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