Asparagus, Chocolate and Chickens

We have our first asparagus! Five lovely long stems of it. Fingers are firmly crossed as we want more for Easter weekend. Yumm!!

With all thoughts to Easter (and chocolate eggs and hot crossed buns…) I have been so busy getting everything ready. Easter usually marks the time that we wave goodbye to our young growers – last week it was a young Wyandotte hen and Gold Pencil Brahma. This week it will be Lemon Pyles, Blues, Black, Light and more Gold Brahmas. I’m always happy when I know they are going to a good home and will be loved and looked after. So I’m pleased to be off to Brentwood on Wednesday to deliver several youngsters to their new home. Then it’s lunch with my Mum – who, conveniently also lives in that neck of the woods – before I sent off home again.

We have beautiful young Guernseys cows living in the field at the end of our garden. They look longingly at my veggies and plants and I know that they would make very quick work of them given the chance. They are so cheeky, leaning over the fence as far as they can to just have a taste…  because of course our nettles taste better than theirs.

Today we had a long day working in the garden. The cabbages are in and the ruby red chard is showing signs of coming through. Tomorrow I need to cover up the tops the potatoes. All in all, the veg patch is looking very good, with the promise of wonderful things to come. Of course, I’ll keep you posted!

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