The Painted Lady

We spent the past (long) weekend in Brighton with the family. It was wonderful – the weather was bright and warm, and we spent lots of time with our girls, friends and exploring the town (and shops!).

We had a checklist of things to do while we were there, and we did them all. In addition, I had my own list of things to do… shopping (of course), checking out some of the recommended eateries (yum!), and fulfilling an ambition I have had for the past five years: I had a tattoo.

Yes – I got ink!

Both my girls have tattoos and I’m not one of those anti-tattoo people. I’ve always quite liked them, but even at 50 I hadn’t decided if there was a design I’d like enough to live with forever. In the past few years though, I had an idea and it just felt right – so I didn’t need to be talked into it. I just needed to pick the right time.

After a bit of research and advice, I found the artist I wanted to do the ‘too and made the appointment at Blue Dragon Tattoo – the oldest tattoo shop in Brighton. It’s in a small shop on North Road in the Lanes in Brighton.

We arrived on time but my tattooist was a little late, which was good in a way. If there was ever a time to back out – that would have been it! I had to wait a little while longer while my tattooist Matt got his equipment together (meticulous and scrupulously clean – I was very impressed!).

Mick, the shop manager (and infamous, published Tattooist – formerly of my old haunt, Walthamstow!) was a hoot and kept up the banter, chatting to me and taking my mind off of the tatt while Matt did the work. Matt himself was a nice young man from New Zealand who grew up on a dairy farm. Had my girls not both been happy with their chaps, I’d have been doing some match-making while I was there!

It didn’t take as long as I thought it might and wasn’t too painful.

“But what did you get!?” I can hear you saying…

Well, I now have a beautiful chicken feather on my wrist for all time – an homage to my birds. What do you think?

3 responses to “The Painted Lady

  1. It looks great! Good choice.

  2. love the tattoo, looks great!

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