St Patricks day – free feed

Top of the mornin’ to you! A very happy St Patricks day, one and all. It’s that time of year again; time to celebrate with a glass of the black stuff.

Stout isn’t really my thing – whether it’s Guinnes or Murphys or any other brand. It’s just never tickled my tastebuds in a way that I’d choose to repeat.  I don’t like beer or lager so my St Paddy’s toast will be a glass of dry white… and here’s a top tip that deserves a toast: Free Feed for your birds!

Brewerys that produce Beer and Lager also produce a a lot of bi-product.  This bi-product is part of the brewing process (it’s the spent malt and looks like mash). It makes excellent food for chickens and pigs (who also love the buckets of spent yeast and sour beer – cows and sheep like it too). It’s also good for the garden and can be used for composting and mulching.

All of these bi-products are normally available free of charge to anyone who can collect them. So find out your nearest brewery (try BREWERY MAP, an online service that uses Google Maps to locate your nearest brewery by postcode!) and get on the phone.

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