Its a small world

Norfolk Brahmas has gone international! I had my first enquiry from the USA. Sadly, you won’t be seeing my chickens on airplanes any time soon. There are a lot of laws covering the export of live animals and birds, so mine will be remaining in Norfolk. It really was a compliment to be asked though, and I would also like to thank the lady in Malta who wanted some Brahmas.

It’s been a busy week with lots of hatching going on. We now have fluffy new Pekins, Faverolles, Brahmas and Wyandots peeping about. All are very healthy and are also very nosy; investigating everything within pecking distance. Speaking of pecking, they need things to do otherwise they get bored and start to peck one another. My friend Tracey told me to hang a C.D disc in their box so they can look at one another and get used to seeing more birds (it’s the same idea as a budgie with a mirror) and so far they seem to be having fun with it. Tracey  also put the cardboard tube from toilet roll in with hers to hop over and play around so I’ll give that a go and see what they make of having their own private, cardboard playground.  I’ve already given the chicks some cress (left attached to the peaty bit it comes on) and they loved it (both eating it and pecking apart the earth).

After a lot of work the veg beds are finally all in and look really good. It took much longer than we expected and was really hard work. We moved the railway sleepers on the little trailer (it made it much easier to get them into place without any back injuries). Then all the muck that I’ve been going on about for the past few weeks went in, followed by the soil and the compost.

Now I’m ready to do some planting out of potatoes – so that’s next week’s job – along with planting on anything else that should have gone in by now.

Yesterday (Friday), like many people, I was glued to the T.V watching the horrors (of what looked like the end of the world) happening in Japan as a massive tsunami hit after the earthquakes. My heart goes out to all the people affected by this devastation . Now today they have another blow – as a nuclear power station burns. Discussing it with Hubbs I realise how fortunate we have been over the last two generations not knowing want or conflict or devastation.

If you to want to help go to the RedCross donation site and selecting Japan Relief.

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