The day our Plastic Nest Box arrived

This week we had fun trying to erect our lovely new  plastic nest box from the brilliant Danny Mackle from Solihull.

The new plastic nesting box

Ruby checking out the nesting box

Danny makes nest boxes and sends them all over the world. It’s a great way to keep out red mite and northern mite as there are no crooks and nooks for them to hide. The plastic boxes are well made, strong and sturdy. They are very easy to clean too. Most importantly, my chicken ladies love them!

The first day, we put it outside the coop in the pen just to see their reaction. They walked cautiously around it, they pecked it, they walked on top of it and then they pooped in it.

Finally one of them went inside and it wasn’t long until they all piled in! You know chickens; if one’s doing it they all want to have a go.

After just a day we had a few eggs in the box. Having established that it was definitely going to be used, we decided to re-locate it to our Red Pyle Brahma house with Ruby and Ecco.

I like these boxes as I said before. They are well made and they come in difference sizes to suit your birds. Additionally, the design can be modified to  suit you (if you have specific needs) and they can be fitted inside or outside your coop.

If you’d like to know more, just speak to Danny – he’s a wonder with plastic. You can contact him on

2 responses to “The day our Plastic Nest Box arrived

  1. Your garden is looking more and more like a farm! x

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