Save the last dance for me

I got busy today – got the incubator out and cleaned it up. I turned it on left it to settle for a few hours before placing some eggs inside. I’m starting the season with Chocolate Pekins – Red – Salmon – Black,  fingers crossed for the next 21 days. I want to give the small breeds an early start so they are well prepared for next winter.

We have just got a new Gold boy ( we named him Benny and the girls are the jets) and three girls from  Lincolnshire to run with our Blue Partridge girls Bead and Missy.  We also have a new Red Pyle boy who I have named Ecco he will mate with Ruby the female Red Pyle who we hatched out last May .

I told you about Elvis in my last blog, well the rest of the boys are starting to get  frisky too – strutting their stuff and crowing  and showing off to the other boys – it sound like they are crowing  “pick me – pick me”. The girls just sit back without a care in the world and you know they are thinking “No way – No way” It looks like a Sunday evening tea dance –  girls one side boys the other.

Who will be the first to Tango…..?

We have a munity on our hands Cap’n Jack Sparrow (very small black Pekin)  and Buttons a (buff Pekin) are fighting. It’s all over a little lady the beautiful Cheepy cheep. Cheepy cheep is so sweet and her heart belongs to Jack.   Happy Valentine xxxx

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