New Lemon Pyle Brahmas! Oh yeah!

First, you need to imagine the opening few bars of Sgt Peppers Lonely Heat Club Band by The Beatles. Ready? No? Okay… just click play on this and read on, as we introduce the new stock!

Teddy and The Lemon Pile-ettes

So let me introduce to you… The one and only Teddy (what else would you play for a large bird with a Beatle brow?) and his effervescent ladies – Annabell, Amy, Araminta and Alice.


Golden Boy

Then we have Golden Boy Benny. He’s a large fowl Golden Brahma Cockerel. Isn’t he handsome?



The Jets: our lovely ladies Golda, Yetta, Hetty and Ruth

Not only, but also…  The Jets!  This group are Gold Pencil Brahmas.





Ecco : Red Pyle Brahma

The ladies go wild for… Ecco! Yes, this is the Norfolk Brahma’s version of Dean Martin with a little bit of Andy Garcia.

The wonderful Ruby our Red Pyle Brahma girl, she is lovely.

these are just some of the new members of our feathered family we are all looking forward to a bright and sunny year.

I will keep you posted on the breeding/hatching/ newcomers as and when.

In the mean time, as we’re still not quite in chick season and you may be missing your dose of cute, check a look at these curly tailed cuties at Tedfold Cottage Farm.

One response to “New Lemon Pyle Brahmas! Oh yeah!

  1. Hi
    Liking Teddy’s name and he looks very happy. Huge thanks for the link as well.
    Best wishes

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