Make yourself at home!

We had a very busy, fun filled weekend.

On Friday after we made sure all of our feathery girls and boys were locked away safely for the night,  we checked the cats  and dogs were snuggeld down for the evening and we went out to Joscelin and Peter’s at The Mallards.

They were having a late-season Bar-B-Q and fireworks. It was a great evening with really good food cooked by Peter and we drank enough to put us into a lovely food-filled slumber that night.

When I got up the next morning I noticed a trail of cat biscuits in the hallway. Now, I was still a bit sleep heavy so rather than thinking “Why did the cats move their biscuits all the way out here from the kitchen? Why didn’t they just eatt the biscuits?” I just thought, “I’ll have to clean those biscuits up… later”.

Well, by the time the kettle had boiled my day-brain had kicked in and I got a funny feeling about those biscuits. So I went back and followed the biscuit trail, which lead right up to the sofa. I examined it a bit more closely and noticed that there were also droppings.

It seems while we were out, one of our cats brought home a lovely little prezzy for us and the prezzy had made a snug little home for itself in the back of our sofa.  In just one night it had eaten some of the stuffing and chewed through the fabric on the inside (the bit you don’t see). And, amongst the mangled fluff I could see two tiny black beady eyes looking at me. It was sitting on the frame. It’s little nose was twitching at me. We had a rat.

“Hubbs!” I shouted.

“Tea please” came back down the stairs.


“…What? What the… ”

Make yourself at home Mr Rat!

Make yourself at home Mr Rat!

The two of us in our scraggly dressing-gowns then spent the next four hours trying to catch the thing. We got no help from our cats.

Finally, armed with thorn-proof gloves and an old biscuit tin, Hubbs cornered it in the fire place and in a flash of flying dressing gown the rat was on its way back to the field out the back of the garden. Hopefully it’s been traumatised enough to never to be seen again.

On Saturday we messed around with one of the Chicken houses (which is going to be the new Pekin house). It’s not quite ready… the rain stopped play so we’ll have to wait until next Thursday when Hubbs comes home from his work in London. If the weather is any good we will get it set up and THEN all the Pekins can move in and the Guinea Fowl can move to the Pekins’ old pen.

Sunday was just about dry enough to move the Red Pyle Brahmas and the Blue Partridge into pens of their own. The Blue Splash boys who have grown into beautiful young cockerels have moved in with two lovely ladies and the Pekins are all together. They made a bit of fuss but soon settled down and like their new house very much.

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