Cockerels for sale!

I had a good day in the garden cutting back and pulling out dead plants. With the help of my young Brahma boys we cleared out the veggie bed. They were having such a good time, it was a pleasure to be around them. The little Pekins tried to nudge their way in and have a peck around but the young dudes were having none of it. Here’s a picture of them cruising around courgettes.


Above – A dark brahma cockerel.

  • 20 weeks old.
  • He’s very tame and friendly.
  • £ 5.00 Collection only

Above – A red pyle brahma cockerel (He is the darker red one in the picture.).

  • 15 week old.
  • He’s a lovely little chap and is also very friendly.
  • £10.00 Collection only.

If you are interested, please contact me.


2 responses to “Cockerels for sale!

  1. Do you send chicks of Dark,Gold,Black,silver laced bahrama to Pakistan ( KARACHI)?

    • Thanks for your post, It is very difficult to export chicks and ensure their safe arrival,
      they suffer from stress and often don’t make the journey.
      So no, sorry, But good luck.

      Regards Nadine

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