Hens and chicks School?

Because of the change in weather we have the most magnificent fungi growing in our garden. Some of them look like field mushrooms, others like giant chestnut mushrooms with light brown gills instead. We also have what look like giant Jews Ears mushrooms in great clumps along the bank of our dyke, while Morel are busy pushing through the flower bed.  I love all this wild fungi but I won’t eat it – if you’re not sure best to leave it alone in my opinion. Perhaps if I knew more about wild mushrooms, I’d give it a go – or at least cook some up for Hubbs to try! Knowledge brings reward! Lack of knowledge brings… a bad tummy and a weekend worshiping at the porcelain alter! Mushrooms have done funny things (allergies) to me at the best of times so I’m too wary.

Speaking of knowledge bringing rewards… I have a new plan for next spring!

I’m thinking of opening a Hen’s and chicks school for keepers of all ages.

It’d principally be for new keepers – and would provide information and practical know how, discussing the ins and outs of starting up. For example:

  • Deciding on the breed of bird – what are their needs vs. your needs.
  • What kind of housing is suitable for your space, and your birds
  • How many birds are suitable for your space
  • About the bird – Where do they sleep? what do they eat?
  • Good Seasonal husbandry
  • Common problems and how to treat them

In fact there are so many qestions and there’s so much to talk about I hope we can fit it all into a one day session! I’d also like to follow the session up with a Chicken-People meet up so that people that already have chickens can come along and share their experiences with everyone, with a nice cup of tea or coffee (and maybe some cake!).

If you might be interested in signing up to take part or have ideas for the Hens and chicks School or meet-up, please contact me. I would like to hear from you.

And just before I leave you for today….

Introducing: Cheepy Cheep! Hubbs saved Cheepy Cheep from near death and now he/she lives in our kitchen until he/she is big enought to join the rest of the brood. Only 2 weeks old and teeny tiny, he/she stands next to a penny in the photo. Awww!

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