Weddings, narrow boats and chickens

We have just got back from a very beautiful family wedding in Staffordshire. It was a full weekend of champagne and celebration, of meeting new relatives that we hadn’t met yet, hadn’t seen in years, or didn’t even know we had!

Seb & Kate get showered with confetti!

By a stroke of divine intervention, the sun shone for Seb and Kate on their big day (Saturday) and the outlook from All Saints Church across the fields was spectacular.

The bride looked stunning in pleated cream silk and the groom was very handsome. The whole wedding revolved around a fantastic feathers and wheat theme and the church was dressed with the most beautiful bouquets of dusty roses, hydrangea, pheasant and grouse feathers and slender spears of wheat in warm, earthy colours. Even the groomsmen had matching buttonholes.

Seb & Kate leave the church in a beauty of a vintage car

So; To Seb and Kate,

CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS! And a big Thank You for sharing your special day with us. Our thanks also go to Liz and Mike (Kate’s folks) and Eliot and Helen (Seb’s folks) who made us so very welcome and put their all into making this wedding as special as it was for everyone.

When we weren’t doing weddingy things, the long weekend in Staffordshire gave us some time to explore… Not as much time as I’d have liked – Hubbs and I are planning another trip so that we can check out some of the chickens! But, we did have time to go and visit the Aston Marina. If you’re over in that neck of the woods we can thoroughly recommend the place. It’s a great place to eat and it’s very family friendly. The Marina accommodates and hires out lovely old fashioned narrow boats and they also have a farm shop with very nice and tasty things to eat. Our thanks to Nic and Caroline who introduced us to the Marina (and the goats!).

Me and my brood in Liz and Mike's beautiful garden.

After a traffic filled, rain marred journey back – we’re home! I must say, as glorious as the weekend was – I couldn’t handle another glass of champagne and it’s great to be back with my boys and girls.

We were only away for five days but the difference in some of our chicks is amazing. They are growing so fast! Their tiny feathers on such little wings all so cute! All we’re waiting on now are the Guinea Fowl eggs to hatch. It’s the first time I have tried to hatch these little fellows and they are due around the 28th September. Exciting stuff! Roll on the 28th.

In other news, we had a call this morning from a lovely young man by the name of Ben. He has bred some Brown Sussex so we arranged for him to come over and see our girls and boys and for me to sex two of his birds that he was not quite sure about. He had a lovely little pullet and young cockerel. They are two fine birds in a lovely condition and as he suspected – they are one male one female.

It was nice to meet someone so enthusiastic to learn about chickens and we had a great chat. If you would like to visit to see our birds, buy our birds, or chat about chooks – be in touch!

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