Pekins! Here. There. Everywhere!

I set 12 Pekin eggs to hatch but so far only six have broken out of their shells and into the big wide world. They are dear tiny little chicks – so much smaller than my beloved Brahmas.

If you’re just starting out as a chicken keeper and want a bird that’s good to look at but doesn’t take up as much room as the Brahma (!) these could be the guys to go for. They come in so many different colours (black, white, buff, gold, silver wheaten, etc) and they’re all very beautiful. They have a lovely nature, they’re very funny – talking to each other all of the time – and they are good for children to handle. They may be tiny but like all Bantams they have the heart of a Lion and think they are giants so they can pretty much hold their own if they are living with bigger birds.

My flock of Lavender Pekins are led by Percy. He’s the oldest cockerel and the grandson of Percy the First who was a very noble bird indeed.

There are three other cockerels in the flock –  Beckham, Clooney and Pitt (they’re the sons of brave Captain, who we lost during the first breakin by Mr. Fox not so long ago) and they are joined by their lovely ladies – Angelina, Posh, Snowdrop and Little Red.

Little Red

Sadly, we lost the rest of the harem of wives and girlfriends when Mr. Fox came by for a second visit,  so we need to bring in new ladies to keep our boys company.

They are all very tame, social and happy birds and they seem to be everywhere in the garden all of the time. They must have some kind of chickeny sixth sense – they seem to know where the juicy bugs and worms are going to be before I’ve even started digging the soil over.

For more pictures of our Pekins go to the Gallery.

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