Red Pyle Brahmas

Finally I have sexed the Reds! It’s SO hard to sex young birds (unless you breed Dark Brahmas, the girls have eye-liner and the boys don’t).

So, what are they? We have three boys and one girl. They are stunning birds. They featherd up much faster than other Brahmas I have bred.  The easiest way to tell these boys from the girl was the comb and the tar brush tail, but it still took me eight weeks. These little chaps have such wonderful natures – they are so laid back I’m surprised they don’t keep falling over.

Little red hen (Ruby)                         Little red boy (Rolo)

And here are the rest of our boys – all so cute – I want to keep them all – sadly two will have to go. If you’re interested in one, get in touch.

2 responses to “Red Pyle Brahmas

  1. I was wondering if you still had any Red Pyle
    Brahmas at the moment.
    Kind regarda

    • Hi Syd

      I dont have any spare, the one’s I do have are not laying yet – but should start soon.
      Would you be intrested in some eggs or growers?Let me know and I will put you on my list.

      regards Nadine

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