Faverolle chicks!

Well, I can officially get over my empty nest depression! Today we hatched our first Faverolle chicks. We have four altogether and they are so cute – they already have little mini beards! I can’t wait for the Pekin babies to hatch!

It’s a good thing that the Gold, Dark and Blue Brahmas are gone, the (slightly younger) Splash Brahma chicks are growing fast and need more room. I’m thinking of putting them in with the Red Pyle Brahma babies (who are so beautiful – the combination of white/red and little grey really works well).

The Splash an the Red Pyle’s are big birds even for Brahmas. Just when I think I’ve worked out who is a boy and who’s a girl,  I change my mind because the one I think is a girl is now acting more like a boy.  Sexing Brahmas is not easy! I get there in the end though.

In related news: Our two new houses are on their way! We just have to decide where they go. Depending on the weather I may put them in the barn until spring, then I could put all of this  years growers that I have kept for breeding together, then split them up early Feb/March.

But first we have to put up the new shed so we can empty the barn. This is Project Winter part Two! Here we go again

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