Brahma rahma rahma (Chickens like music!)

Some of my birds are molting like mad. I could refill my duvet – honestly!

I think I will have to knit them jumpers and hats, maybe even leggings – to keep them warm through the winter. It’s so not fair when you’re a hen –  first the boys have a go and pull out your feathers in the name of love, then it’s that time of year when the rest of your feathers go to pot. Give it a few weeks and they will look wonderful as all their new feathers come through… In the meantime: LOTS of feathers to clear up.

So here’s the rub of this post: I have recently discovered my boys and girls like music. True! Not Metallica heavy rock, not Wagner opera*, and not John Cale noize … but a nice bit of Motown or a bit of Kylie! Anything with a good beat and a melodic groove. When Hubbs works around the garden he takes the radio out with him. He likes Radio 4 (you know,  Desert Island Discs and interesting informative stuff) and I have noticed my girls get quite noisy when this is on. Whether they are trying to drown out the soft and dulcet tones of the BBC announcers or want to join in and have their beaks’ worth, I’m not sure.

But when I listen to my CD player and turn it up high with the garden doors open I think they listen. I’m sure I’ve seen them sway and bob in time to the music – chickens with swing… well why not?

As for this bird… apparently it’s a bit of Mint Royal mixing up Singing In The Rain that does it for him. 🙂

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