Empty nest

I have that empty nest feeling this morning!  This happens every time our Brahmas go and as you’ll have noted from the previous post…  all of our babies are now gone! Well… all of the Gold, Dark and Blue Brahmas babies. I still have some Lemon Pyle and Splash babies to keep me company. 🙂

Still, while it’s sad to see so many of the babies that we’ve nurtured for 17 weeks go, it’s a good feeling knowing that other people are getting the joy and pleasure that we receive from raising the birds.

Plus, the bigger birds don’t seem to mind the extra room… food… etc.

Grace and Gloria (our older ladies) are as happy as pigs in poo with no little ones under their feet –  they don’t have to share the goodies with anyone!

We kept back two lovely blue girls and one black for next year’s breeding stock. They are so cute! That’s them in the picture: top Splash, bottom Red Pyle. We will have new baby Splash and Red Pyle ready for next spring so keep posted to the blog to find out when they’re ready. 

Now, I’ve said we have a (nearly) empty nest but… We still have one 17 week old Lemon Pyle cockerel and one 15 week old Silver pencil cockerel looking for good homes.

So, if you’re looking for new blood, they are ready and waiting to go. Be in touch!

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