Its that Brahma chicken feeling

I had a wonderful weekend, we went out to friends last night. They live in a marvelous barn conversion (Mallards fine wines) in the middle of our village.  We had a super meal cooked  for us by Peter, and Jocelyn his partner chose the wines (this lady knows her wine! She sells it for a living).

We also met some other good friends of Jocelyn and Peter’s –  Gary and Pete. We had a really great time. It was one of those evenings you don’t want to end. Thank you

With the excitement out of the way, today felt like any other Sunday. I did not want to get up and go swimming, I wanted to stay in my nice warm cozy bed (so much for keeping fit!). Turned out Hubbs and I both had the same idea, so it was not hard to go back to sleep for an extra hour. I finally dragged myself out of bed and had to get a dash on so that we were ready in time for our guests.  Karen was coming over to have a look at the birds and maybe take one home.

Karen is lovely lady who has a small holding and lives out Beccles way. Karen has horses and keeps sheep and pigs as well as her chickens. We had a really good chat about our different birds and her pigs and lambs. I did consider keeping pigs when we first moved here (I wanted two), but we decided that we did not have the space for pigs as well as chickens.  In an Either / Or battle, the chickens win.

Karen came ended up with three girls and a cockerel. Honestly, they are so gorgeous you just fall in love with them! People come to buy one bird and end up with three.

Today we sold the last lot of girls to Bronwyn and Mark from Cambridge. They are a smashing young couple and have just moved to a new house (yesterday). With some help from family and friends they got unpacked in their new home and set up their new chicken house in two days! I wish it has been so smooth for us!

With their girls in their boxes they set off for home. Good bye’s were said and we wished them well as we heard the car crunch off down the gravel drive.

Not five minutes later their was a knock at the door – It was Bronwyn with a big smile on her face, “Can we have the little black one too, please?”

I know Bronwyn and Mark are going to be brilliant at keeping chickens. They did all the right things in preparing for their birds.  I’m pleased to have met them and like all my buyers – I hope that they keep in touch and let us know how they get on.

So now it’s Sunday evening and our baby pens are empty. I’m just happy that they’ve all gone to such lovely people.

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