Planning changes

I took Cilla to see James our vet to have her stitches out. He was very pleased to see her looking so well… that is, when he could see her.

Cilla’s disposition has picked up so much over the past few days that she was in the mood for a game of hide and seek. The first five minutes of this visit were spent trying to get her out of her blanket. She was very funny all wrapped up in her sheepskin.

After the vet visit, it was home for a quick cup of tea with Hubbs before we got down to work out in the garden. As I said before, I’m making plans for the future. My  twelve week old Blue, Black and Lemon Pyle Brahmas are getting so big that they’ll need their own homes soon. I need to move them from the nursery to  proper hen housing.

For the meanwhile, until we get some new housing built, I plan to move my Barbu d’Ucle Mille Fleur to free range arks and then my Brahmas will go into a nice big pen of their own. Just this interim move will take all of Sunday (and probably some of Monday) to complete. But, it’s a good time to settle them in before the weather changes.

I also have some beautiful new Red Pyle chicks. Fingers crossed they are not all cockerels. It will be a few weeks before I can sex them.

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