Congratulations and celebrations

Hubbs and I had a wonderful day yesterday. We spent the whole of Wednesday with our girls, their partners and my 80 year old Mum. We had all come together to celebrate little X’s graduation First class with Honours from Brighton University.

The day started very early for us – earlier than normal, even! Our dogs, cats and birds had to be fed, watered and walked before we set out to Essex to pick up my Mum and then to Poynings just outside of Brighton to big X and O’s house where we’d congregate with little X and her boyfriend A.

Sometimes we get unlucky and hit traffic, but we had a good run straight through and arrived just in time for a relaxed light lunch.  Perhaps it was a little too relaxed as we realised too late that we were pushing the clock to get into Brighton town in time for the Graduation ceremony at the Pavillion. It was a mad rush to get ready;  hot tongs, mascara wands and lipstick was a’flying but we all looked lovely as we set off – wobbly in our heels. I had Tennessee Wiggle Walk going through my head the whole way there!

We made it just in time to take our seats before they started the ceremonial parade of faculty and patrons. Both the Mayor of Eastbourne and the Mayor of Brighton were there. Then the graduates went up one by one in their caps and gowns to collect their certificates and shake hands with the important people. The stage was covered in beautiful flowers – pink and white Gerbera, pink asiatic Lilys , white Calla and Palm leaves. The University’s colour is purple so there were big vibrant sashes hanging around the stage too. It was such an emotional moment as my beautiful and youngest daughter took to the stage. I felt I would burst with pride.

After all the speeches were given and all of the pictures were taken, we had a glass of champagne to toast the new graduates and milled around the beautiful Pavillion building and gardens.

Then it was off to Fishy Fishy restaurant for a celebration meal, and a bar for a drink or two to toast the future.

It was a wonderful day. One of those very special days that you keep with you. But, it was a long day.

After dropping Mum back, we arrived home just after 1am – very tired but still happy. We had a wonderful welcome home from our dogs Ellie, Roo and Coco who probably thought we had abandoned them. All was well with little Cilla – she was out like a light. Then it was one last check up before bed – out to the birds.

What a kick in the gut as the last thing before sleep: The nasty old fox had been back. This time, he’d broken into Frank and Lucy Legbar’s home, straight into their nest box. He had snatched them right from their bed and the only things left were feathers.

So today, Thursday, I’m having a quiet day.  I’m upset about Frank and Lucy. Even with high fences and dig-proof slabs, if a fox wants to get in it seems he will find a way.

I don’t want to end on a sad note. Here’s a little something to put the wiggle back in the day.

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