Making new friends

I was up early today. It was so humid last night it was difficult to get to sleep. After too much tossing and turning I decided to get up early and make something of my day. Well, my night. I spent the wee hours making plans for next year (some of which involve improving stock and making new hen houses… Sssh! Don’t tell Hubbs. I have to break it to him gently)… and some plans for this year. It’s really important to make sure that the houses are ready for the Autumn rain and winds, and the Winter frosts that will follow. Small problems need to be fixed now before they become big ones so I’ve made a list of everything we need to do to batten down the hatches and make everything as cosy as possible for the birds. We have to order in some rolls of wire fencing and marine ply for wind breaks for our big run “Pen Central”.

As I had made an early start to the day I went out and (with some help from my dog-friends) opened up early. Once everyone was fed and watered, I went in to check on Cilla.

She continues to progress well and managed to eat her breakfast. Then she had a reunion with Archie (our large cream and gold British short hair male cat).

Here he is in Hugh Hefner lounge mode.

It was very sweet; Cilla and Archie rubbing noses and lots of smelling of bums going on. Not my thing but in cat language this is a way of making sure friends are friends.  After all of the eating and meeting excitement, Cilla settled back down to a well-earned mid-morning nap and I got myself ready for a visit to Pentney.

Nanette is a new friend; It’s nice when you meet like-minded people. Nannette also keeps chickens. She has Brahmas, Faveroles and Silkies. We spent most of our two hours looking at her birds and talking chicken (and other animal!) stuff. We also swapped some eggs.

I got home just in time for the rain to come falling down. All but a few of the still-rain-frazzled juvies had put themselves to bed away from the rain, so there were no problems. I’ve put the eggs Nannette gave me under one of my Wheaton Marans (Penny) who is so broody that it would be nice to see her with some babies. Fingers crossed in twenty-one days I will have some new chick pictures to show you.

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