It was on a Monday morning

I just finished cleaning out the pens.

Its one of the muckiest jobs I have to do and while I’m not overjoyed at the job, China our small tabby cat seems to relish joining in. Mostly, she likes to attack the water from the hose as I wash the pens down. If only she was so enthused about grabbing a small cat-sized broom and sweeping away the poop and debris!

It’s rock ‘n’ roll as she jumps in and out chasing the water until she gets totally wet and miserably defeated. China is the only cat I know who likes to play with water. She is a lovely British short haired with beautiful markings, big gold eyes and sunny smile. China is very shy, she will run away and hide when we have visitors.

So, all the chicken pens are nice and clean. Job well done. Now I’m off to check on Cilla. It’s time for her brunch and a change of her cat litter. She is progressing slowly.

Unfortunately she is still not puting any weight on her left leg and the paw is closed. I massage it and tickle between her toes to get them to move but there’s no reaction so far.  I’m optimistic that it will happen.

I just had a call from James our vet. He wanted to know how Cilla was doing. I was pleased to tell him that she had her first meal on her own and that she had done a poo and a pee. He was very happy to hear the news about the poo and pee so we’ve booked in for a check up on Friday . Hopefully we’ll have some more good news by then.

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